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The Synonym of - conquering (adjective)

Word Example of - conquering

    Example Sentences for conquering

    A sense of achievement; of conquering the unconquerable; of pitting human wits against giants and winning—a sporting chance.

    The first step in conquering this superiority complex is to realize that it is there.

    Conquering her natural fears she rose, and donning a dressing gown, unconsciously tried the handle of her door.

    There is one more thing we need to do in conquering that superiority complex.

    It would be a stain, as even the half-opened paleface eye may see, were it taken from one by the conquering arm of a foe.

    “What I all the time feared,” he said at last, conquering his tears.

    And it was this elemental simplicity of taste which made Douglass the conquering hero that he was.

    He despaired of conquering the tornado which writhed on the floor beside him.

    I am wondering how a woman succeeds in conquering the world?

    The conquering armies just ruined all the women they could get hold of.

Word Origin & History of - conquering

    Word Origin & History

    conquer c.1200, from O.Fr. conquerre, from V.L. *conquærere (for L. conquirere) "to search for, procure," from L. com- intensive prefix + quærere "to seek, acquire" (see query).

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