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Word Example of - conquest

    Example Sentences for conquest

    The conquest of the independence of Castile is related in the following manner.

    What is the slaying of Lygni and the conquest of his kingdom to the slaying of Fafnir the Dragon?

    Ostorius sent him and his family to Rome, as the noblest trophies of his conquest.

    It was estimated, after the conquest, that 300,000 were thus employed.

    In return for our submission you promised efficiency and you promised us more, the conquest of the world.

    It was on conciliation, and not on conquest, that he built his later hopes.

    If the enemy triumphs, the war-habit will triumph, and conquest will be the only means of growth.

    She dreams of golden gains, of victory, conquest, and triumph.

    Conquest has made me what I am, and conquest alone can sustain me.

    It meant the conquest of the perishable and the awakening of the eternal in the soul.

Word Origin & History of - conquest

    Word Origin & History

    conquest c.1300, a merged word from O.Fr. conquest "acquisition" (Mod.Fr. conquêt), and O.Fr. conqueste "conquest, acquisition" (Mod.Fr. conquête), both from pp. of conquerre, from V.L. *conquærere (see conquer).

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