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The Synonym of - consanguine (adjective)

Word Example of - consanguine

    Example Sentences for consanguine

    Moreover, it proves with moral certainty the existence of a consanguine family when the system was formed.

    The first is the consanguine group of first cousins and nearer.

    Consanguine half-sisters take a share of two-thirds, or if there is only one she takes a share of one-half.

    It is evident that the punaluan family was formed out of the consanguine.

    Thus, setting moral reform aside as inconceivable, we cannot understand how the Consanguine families ever broke up.

    Next, how did the Consanguine family change into the Punaluan?

    Cunow does not see in the consanguine family the most primitive of all social forms, until now discovered.

    Consanguine, kon-sang′gwin, adj. related by blood: of the same family or descent—also Consanguin′eous.

    In this or a similar manner that form which Morgan styles the Punaluan family developed from the consanguine family.

    The husbands of these women are not of the consanguine group, the gens, of their wives; they are of the gens of their sisters.

Word Origin & History of - consanguine

    Word Origin & History

    consanguine c.1600, from Fr. consanguin, from L. consanguineus "of the same blood" (see consanguinity).

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