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Word Example of - conscientiously

    Example Sentences for conscientiously

    By acting thus, we conscientiously believe that Austria has inflicted a serious injury on herself.

    She didn't feel that she could conscientiously encourage him in the slightest.

    The diligence and prolonged labor which he conscientiously gave his official duties were truly exemplary.

    That I found learning a pleasure I cannot conscientiously declare.

    Nicholas conducted the arrangements as conscientiously as he might have conducted a legal argument.

    I had no difficulty in conscientiously giving such a promise.

    Upon the whole, he conscientiously believed the Treaty to be a bad one.

    I can only say that on such terms I cannot conscientiously serve them.

    She was conscientiously attentive to children, but actually bored by them.

    And did he conscientiously believe that Hooker or himself had suffered from her inconsistency?

Word Origin & History of - conscientiously

    Word Origin & History

    conscientious 1610s, from Fr. conscientieux (16c.), from M.L. conscientiosus, from conscientia (see conscience). Related: Conscientiously (1660); conscientiousness (1630s).

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