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Word Example of - consensus

    Example Sentences for consensus

    Stride had been having a little too much whisky, was the consensus of opinion.

    It was the consensus of opinion that the only thing that prevented his swimming was his curls.

    There was a consensus of opinion as to the importance of the news.

    The consensus of opinion also goes to prove that they will eat together.

    We liked this liberality, and there was a consensus of opinion that the Colossus was a "wonder."

    But the consensus even of French etymologists favors the name Swastika.

    I do not, however, think it possible to claim a consensus for any formula for determining this limit.

    He only flings another voice into the consensus of obedient believers.

    It was the consensus of Eden Village opinion that you can't beat a Westerner for extravagance and sheer audacity.

    The statement is often made that Evolution has "the Consensus of Scholarship."

Word Origin & History of - consensus

    Word Origin & History

    consensus 1854, as a term in physiology, 1861 of persons, from L. consensus, pp. of consentire (see consent).

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