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Word Example of - consequence

    Example Sentences for consequence

    If you return to France, let the consequence be what it may, I will go with you.

    I confess the consequence is visible, were your suspicions just.

    Godfrey was in the lowest spirits, and Molly was quiet in consequence.

    The consequence was that Sara had a most extraordinary wardrobe.

    His reference to a "solatium" puzzled me, but it did not seem anything of consequence.

    She begged he would think no more of the parasol; it was no manner of consequence.

    In consequence of this, he usually reaches the surface in a state of half-blindness, holding the luscious morsel in his bill.

    It is of no consequence such a thing happening when Sophia and I come to your door.

    Omai, who was become of consequence from the possessing three or four muskets and some ammunition, was consulted on the occasion.

    It is a case of the common error of confusing cause and consequence.

Word Origin & History of - consequence

    Word Origin & History

    consequence late 14c., from O.Fr. consequence "result," from L. consequentia, from consequentem (nom. consequens), prp. of consequi "to follow after," from com- "with" + sequi "to follow" (see sequel). Sense of "importance" (c.1600) is from notion of being "pregnant with consequences."

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