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Word Example of - consequential

    Example Sentences for consequential

    "I don't know nothink of consequential ground," says Jo, still staring.

    In the midst of all this Lantier put on the most consequential airs.

    It was terrible to keep this consequential little man in the hall, and there was literally nowhere else to take him.

    Events, are consequential or inconsequential irrespective of their size.

    Like most savage races the Indians were vain and consequential.

    "Yes, yes, my dear sir," said Collins with consequential urbanity.

    The science must be an outgrowth, a consequential development of the sentiment.

    The servants all started making twittering, consequential noises.

    The consequential manner of the negro, and the supreme contempt with which he spoke to his prisoner, were most amusing.

    Vocation and marriage are the two most consequential decisions in life.

Word Origin & History of - consequential

    Word Origin & History

    consequential 1620s, from consequent + -al (1). Meaning "pregnant with consequences, important" is recorded from 1728. Related: Consequentially (c.1600).

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