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Word Example of - considerable

    Example Sentences for considerable

    There is, therefore, a considerable difference in temperature.

    With considerable of a to-do, Mrs. Norris announced the gift of a grandfather's clock.

    She had not attended the gatherings of the Circle at his house for a considerable time.

    It will never be known what was the exact number of the slain, but it must have been considerable.

    These fees were considerable, and were under the care of the Court of Ward and Liveries.

    He himself was keeping his mind on the syllabus with considerable difficulty.

    The result will be a considerable rise in the standard of care.

    From its flesh is extracted a kind of oil, which is of considerable value.

    Thus he gained a considerable share, and in fact reaped the harvest of which Andronicus and Pacuvius had sown the seed.

    It is a gentle creature, and capable of considerable cultivation.

Word Origin & History of - considerable

    Word Origin & History

    considerable mid-15c., "capable of being considered," from M.L. considerabilis "worthy to be considered," from considerare (see consider). Meaning "pretty large" is from 1640s (implied in considerably).

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