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Word Example of - consideration

    Example Sentences for consideration

    Consideration for the safety of his kind friends forbids this.

    Methinks I hear him in consideration: What will the world say?

    Thus and thus only could she show her consideration for him.

    Such a comedy, written at such an age, requires some consideration.

    The residue of the claim is reserved for future consideration.

    There was no question of consideration, because there was as yet no such doctrine.

    Gray velvet is better, when the appearance of the room is taken into consideration, as it must be.

    It only remains to trace the gradual appearance of consideration in the decisions.

    He from that moment acquires a degree of consideration which he never had before.

    It is said that consideration must not be confounded with motive.

Word Origin & History of - consideration

    Word Origin & History

    consideration late 14c., "a beholding, looking at," also "keeping in mind," from Fr. considération (12c.), from L. considerationem, noun of action from considerare (see consider). Meaning "a taking into account" is from c.1460; that of "something given in payment" is from c.1600.

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