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What is a better word for consign? What's another word for consign? What are 5 "consign synonyms"? How can I replace the word consign? What is the meaning of consign in English?

Word Example of - consign

    Example Sentences for consign

    He merely states it as a case of the supernatural without attempting to consign it to any special category.

    Dick has no such power over me as to consign me to misery everlasting.

    Do I let the poor suffer, and consign them, as old Friedrich used to say, to statistics and the devil?

    Only the Prime Minister himself, personally, can so consign a paper.

    But to-day they consented on condition I'd receive the food (for the Belgians) and consign it to Whitlock.

    Religiously, we consign the body to the grave, commit the soul to God.

    "This man whom we consign to American soil was, like so many of us, born on the other side of the ocean," he said.

    Put the men into irons, and then I consign them to your safe keeping.

    But the wife to whom he had been so kind and devoted could not bear to consign his remains to kindred dust.

    His son he was compelled to consign to the care of a lunatic asylum.

Word Origin & History of - consign

    Word Origin & History

    consign c.1430, from M.Fr. consigner, from L. consignare "to seal, register," originally "to mark with a sign," from com- "together" + signare "to sign, mark," from signum "sign." Originally "to ratify by a sign or seal;" commercial sense is from 1650s. Related: Consignee (1789); consignor (1789).