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Word Example of - consignment

    Example Sentences for consignment

    With the first contingent there was shipped a consignment of war material including seventy field guns alone.

    To send a consignment of goods to an agent or factor for sale or disposal.

    Max Shinburns consignment to gaol checked his baleful activity, but not for long.

    The party to whose care a ship or a consignment of goods is intrusted.

    Did you send my message this morning, asking for a consignment of revolvers and arrow-proof shields?

    And your friend Linker could do with a consignment of French silk, duty free.

    The track of a consignment of this horrible filth can be recognised from very far away.

    A year or two later, he decided to send a consignment of them to England.

    Most of the pear crop of this region is now sold to local buyers or on consignment to city dealers.

    There were five cars in the consignment; he was on the last.

Word Origin & History of - consignment

    Word Origin & History

    consignment 1560s, "sealing with a sign," from consign + -ment. Meaning "delivering over" is from 1660s; especially of goods, for the sake of sale or auction, from c.1700. Meaning "quantity of goods so assigned" is recorded from 1720s.

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