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Word Example of - consistent

    Example Sentences for consistent

    In short, when a person is always to deceive, it is impossible to be consistent.

    In truth, they had as a body no consistent and exact theory of the Federal bond.

    This is substantially the theory which Gordon presents as a fact, and it is most consistent with fact.

    The only consistent thing about them was that they never back-trailed!

    The praise of his friends round the Oxford tea-tables turned him into a consistent prevaricator.

    The course of the Whigs, meanwhile, was simple and consistent.

    They certainly must have had in some way the conviction that the one account was consistent with the other.

    She has been consistent in her course on that question ever since.

    One occurrence of "in-doors" changed to "indoors" to be consistent with other usage in original.

    Another which says, We will have shade, and as much color and delineation as are consistent with it.

Word Origin & History of - consistent

    Word Origin & History

    consistent 1570s, "standing firm," from L. consistentem (nom. consistens), prp. of consistere (see consist). Modern sense of "agreeing" (with with) is first attested 1640s. Older sense survives in consistency.