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What is a better word for consistently? What's another word for consistently? What are 5 "consistently synonyms"? How can I replace the word consistently? What is the meaning of consistently in English?

Word Example of - consistently

    Example Sentences for consistently

    From one motive or another the Cravens had consistently been pitiless to their womenkind.

    How can the reduction be brought about, consistently with the good of the service?

    It could not be accepted as it stood, consistently with male dignity.

    Who could consistently believe that God would dwell in a corrupt heart?

    In particular, the word “ordnance” was consistently misspelled “ordinance” in the original, and has been corrected.

    An obvious corollary of this is that tribal life does not consistently obtain.

    I remember wishing to heaven that the clumps and hillocks of this part of France did not look so consistently alike.

    How, consistently with the theory, is it possible they should?

    I do not quite understand how we can consistently send such an instruction to our Ambassador separately.

    Jan asked no more questions, but was quietly, consistently kind.

Word Origin & History of - consistently

    Word Origin & History

    consistent 1570s, "standing firm," from L. consistentem (nom. consistens), prp. of consistere (see consist). Modern sense of "agreeing" (with with) is first attested 1640s. Older sense survives in consistency.