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Word Example of - consolidation

    Example Sentences for consolidation

    A consolidation of these enterprises in 1969 reduced their number by half and correspondingly increased their average size.

    Think of the ages which the molten earth required for its consolidation.

    By consolidation is understood a grasping at power, on behalf of the general government, not constitutionally conferred.

    Wherever it has been tried the testimony in favor of consolidation is overwhelming.

    Every witness before the committee, except the agents of the corporations themselves, was emphatic against such a consolidation.

    But just now, evaded Bobby, whom did you say I should see about this consolidation?

    In several of the states legal provisions are already made for such a consolidation of districts.

    A consolidation of the mission forces was soon after effected.

    Consolidation rarely takes place, although there is often an attempt at union by the formation of cartilaginous callus.

    In all these acts of consolidation the influence of Mr. Wade was active and powerful.

Word Origin & History of - consolidation

    Word Origin & History

    consolidation c.1400, from L. consolidationem, from consolidare, from com- "together" + solidare "to make solid," from solidus (see solid).

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