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What is a better word for consonant? What's another word for consonant? What are 5 "consonant synonyms"? How can I replace the word consonant? What is the meaning of consonant in English?

Word Example of - consonant

    Example Sentences for consonant

    We can say what we like, do what we like, so long as it is consonant with the public good.

    They were consonant with early Roman mores which were warlike.

    Worship and sacrifice, as mere acts toward supernatural beings, may be consonant with any number of lapses in conduct.

    In a rigorous and abstract sense, the Consonant has no sound of its own.

    Now this sound goes from the highest to the lowest of the Italian vowels, beginning with the consonant m.

    I is a consonant when it represents the consonant y, as in alien.

    He shews that the name was of Egyptian original, at least consonant to the language of Egypt; for it was the same as the Nile.

    Ah, but who determines what is consonant with the public good?

    It is a fundamental rule in Spanish that nearly all words ending in a consonant should be stressed on the last syllable.

    (b) The part in the next line should, if possible, begin with a consonant.

Word Origin & History of - consonant

    Word Origin & History

    consonant c.1300, from L. consonantem (nom. consonans), prp. of consonare "to sound together," from com- "with" + sonare, from sonus "sound" (see sound (n.1)). Consonants thought of as sounds that are only produced together with vowels.