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Word Example of - conspectus

    Example Sentences for conspectus

    An able conspectus of modern psychological investigation, viewed from the Christian standpoint.

    None of this causation is brought into Schumpeter's conspectus picture.

    His works are, Conspectus Physiologicus de Fontibus differentiarum relat.

    See pp. 192-200 for a conspectus of these complex recollections.

    How completely he disassociated Ukrainia from Northern Russia may be judged by the conspectus of his lectures written in 1832.

    The audile phenomena were so frequent and so various, that a conspectus of them is given in an appendix.

    This is not the place for a comprehensive census of the island, or for a conspectus of its statistics.

    Conspectus, kon-spek′tus, n. a comprehensive survey: a synopsis.

    Indeed, the writer once thought of appending a kind of conspectus or "summing up."

    Conspectus operum thiopicorum qu ad excudendum parata habebat Wanslebius.

Word Origin & History of - conspectus

    Word Origin & History

    conspectus 1836, from L. conspectus "a looking at," from conspicere (see conspicuous).

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