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Word Example of - constant

    Example Sentences for constant

    His constant run of good fortune was the accomplice of his immorality.

    Is the steward the only person who has been a constant visitor to the cabin?

    Their legends recorded this constant decline, but assigned no reason for it.

    This flow of moral sewage to our shores is constant and unceasing.

    What is wanted is a constant moderate supply of water, keeping the pressure as nearly even as possible.

    In most instances he was “constant to one thing—his inconstancy.”

    There was the usual gathering of clouds, the hard edges of which were lit up by the constant flashing of lightning.

    The constant use of that paddle in the water, for fifteen days, did not efface the color.

    In the constant head method, the head is maintained by a bronze valve connected to a float made of glass or tinned copper.

    Moreover, these men are a constant menace to us while they are on board.

Word Origin & History of - constant

    Word Origin & History

    constant late 14c., "steadfast, resolute," from L. constantem (nom. constans) "standing firm, stable, steadfast," prp. of constare, from com- "together" + stare "to stand," from PIE base *sta- "to stand" (see stet). Of actions and conditions from 1653.

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