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Word Example of - constituent

    Example Sentences for constituent

    His conceptions first of all passed from the action of the earth as a whole, to that of its constituent particles.

    We must now look from the wire, as a whole, to its constituent atoms.

    Plurality of constituent items, several contrary to each other.

    Yet Time is perhaps the more real, and assuredly the richer, constituent of the two.

    Accordingly he resigned his power into the hands of a constituent congress and left the country.

    Congress adopted the scheme, and the constituent convention was called.

    Such are the constituent substances of which the bodies of men in the world are composed, 272.

    The work of the Constituent was doomed by the very nature of things.

    In this wonderful creation the two constituent faculties of the soul—fancy and reason—play an equal and co-ordinate part.

    Synthesis is the process of forming a compound from its constituent parts.

Word Origin & History of - constituent

    Word Origin & History

    constituent c.1660, adj., "essential, characteristic," from L. constituentem, prp. of constituere (see constitute). "That makes up, that composes," hence "that appoints or elects a representative to a body" (1714), and as a noun, "one who appoints or elects a representative."

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