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Word Example of - constitute

    Example Sentences for constitute

    Collectively they constitute, for consultation, the general manager's staff.

    They constitute, and deservedly too, the most popular sex we have.

    A juicy pulp encloses a double membrane, or endocarp, and within the latter are the seeds which constitute the coffee of commerce.

    I must say a word more concerning the facts which constitute a promise.

    The infinitesimal educated minority do not constitute the population of India.

    But they constitute no important part of the business of modern society.

    The Polypori constitute a group which, unlike that of the Agarics, especially belongs to hot countries.

    It was believed to constitute more than an economic evolution.

    In winter these Pine Barrens retain much of their verdure, and constitute one of the marked features of the country.

    The merchants, mechanics, and farmers, who constitute the bone and sinew of India.

Word Origin & History of - constitute

    Word Origin & History

    constitute mid-15c., verb use of adjective, "made up, formed" (14c.), from L. constitutus "arranged, settled," pp. adj. from constituere "to cause to stand, set up, fix, place, establish;" of persons, "to appoint to an office; to establish, to form something new, to decide," from com- intensive prefix + statuere "to set" (see statue).

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