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Word Example of - constitution

    Example Sentences for constitution

    In 1858, an attempt was made to save it by revolutionizing its constitution and management.

    But he was too ambitious, and worked too hard for his constitution.

    Try to get a little iron and quinine into your constitution.

    Or did the Constitution protect it there, as Calhoun and his followers claimed?

    The Constitution is a "compact, to which the States are the parties."

    The Southern States should accede to the abolition of slavery by the Constitution.

    As of early 1972 the structure of the government remained essentially the same as that established by the 1965 Constitution.

    The consummation had been fitly rounded out by the changes in the Constitution.

    You think that that's what they intended when they wrote the Constitution?

    They are all disposed to perish in support of the constitution.

Word Origin & History of - constitution

    Word Origin & History

    constitution 1580s, "action of establishing," from Fr. constitution (12c.), from L. constitutionem (nom. constitutio) "act of settling, settled condition, anything arranged or settled upon, regulation, order, ordinance," from constitutus (see constitute). Used earlier (late 14c.) in now-obsolete sense "decree, ordaining." Meaning "way in which a thing is constituted" is from c.1600; that of "physical health, strength and vigor of the body" is from 1550s; of the mind, "temperament, character" from 1580s. Sense of "mode of organization of a state" is from c.1610; that of "system of principles by ...which a community is governed" dates from 1730s; esp. of a document of written laws since the U.S. and French constitutions, late 18c.

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