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The Synonym of - constitutive (adjective)

Word Example of - constitutive

    Example Sentences for constitutive

    It is the same with principles of which universals are the constitutive elements.

    If the former, then christianity hath its constitutive parts, by which it is what it is.

    All our knowledge, after all, of thought as constitutive is gained by consideration of the operations of reflective thought.

    Though not constitutive, yet are they regulative principles.

    At the time that the constitutive body made this law, ten million voters were registered on the election rolls.

    Nevertheless, we cannot find the constitutive principle of the Church in the sacraments alone.

    They are constitutive of non-linear forms of complementarity.

    To take a phrase from Professor Dewey, reason, for Spinoza, is reconstructive not constitutive.

    The elements of God and creation are in the most ultimate and primitive act of reason, and therefore in its constitutive idea.

    This constitutive, ideal principle of the soul's intelligence exists at first in a kind of embryonic state.

Word Origin & History of - constitutive

    Word Origin & History

    constitutive c.1600, "having the power of establishing," also "elemental, essential," from M.L. *constitutivus, from constitut-, pp. stem of constituere (see constitute). Related: Constitutively (1650s).

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