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Word Example of - constraint

    Example Sentences for constraint

    "We will talk it over—to-morrow," he said, and his voice sounded cold from constraint.

    Margaret saw that there was constraint in the smile with which Maria answered the children.

    But the latter saw through his constraint, and went straight to the root of the thing.

    After that there was no constraint between them; they kept their own affairs hidden from each other.

    But what the alcohol would do would be to cut the leash of constraint and dig up every strong passion among them.

    The lawyer's face sobered, and his tone as he answered was tinged with constraint.

    No constraint upon your free will is intended; no intimidation will be allowed within the limits of this army, at least.

    But then there was constraint in the correspondence—it was submitted to her mother.

    All were the offspring of constraint, tumult, or political necessity.

    Vere felt that somehow her eager suggestion had deepened the constraint.

Word Origin & History of - constraint

    Word Origin & History

    constraint late 14c., "distress, oppression," from O.Fr. constreinte (Mod.Fr. contrainte), fem. noun from constreint, pp. of constreindre, from V.L. *constrinctus, from L. constrictus (see constrain). Meaning "coercion, compulsion" is from 1530s.

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