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Word Example of - constrict

    Example Sentences for constrict

    (b.) Those in which he tries to constrict it, by reuniting its separated sides.

    A thread or the like tied about a blood vessel or other structure to constrict it.

    Styptics are medicines which constrict the surface of a part, and prevent the effusion of blood, such as kino, &c.

    The error deforms his faith as much as it tends to stiffen and constrict his life.

    Clothing should not constrict the body or hamper its movements.

    High stand-up collars are certainly to be avoided, as they constrict the Adam's apple and muffle the tone of the voice.

    Cartilaginous or partially calcified biconcave vertebrae are always well developed; they constrict the notochord intervertebrally.

    By virtue of this power they are enabled to constrict many dead animal matters.

    Biconcave cartilaginous vertebrae are developed, and as is the case in most fishes, constrict the notochord vertebrally.

    As the chromosomes go toward the poles the cell-body begins to constrict at the equator.

Word Origin & History of - constrict

    Word Origin & History

    constrict c.1400 (constriction), from L. constrictus, pp. of constringere "compress" (see constrain). A direct borrowing from L. of the same word which, via Fr., became constrain.

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