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Word Example of - constriction

    Example Sentences for constriction

    The river became mildly excited, as if in protest at the constriction.

    Constriction of life, owing to this narrowness of culture, must no longer be encouraged.

    In Thelodus the scales consist of a base and a crown separated by a constriction or neck.

    The gunboats had cut the coils, and loosened the constriction.

    He rose from the scooped-out red velvet seat with a feeling of constriction about his vitals.

    Both medullary shells spheroidal, one-third as broad as the constriction of the cortical shell, whose surface is quite smooth.

    Sometimes the constriction at his heart was painful, and sometimes its beat was smooth and regular.

    The tube is then sealed in the flame at the small end and also at the constriction.

    The second constriction, which separates the second and third joints (thorax and abdomen) is called the lumbar constriction.

    There was nothing to indicate in what manner the constriction had occurred.

Word Origin & History of - constriction

    Word Origin & History

    constriction c.1400, from L. constrictionem (nom. constrictio), noun of action from constrictus, pp. of constringere "compress" (see constrain).

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