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Word Example of - construct

    Example Sentences for construct

    Eager hands set to work to construct a suitable home for the tall arbiter.

    I explained to Sim more clearly what I intended to do, and how to construct the raft.

    If we had time to construct machines for battering the walls, it would be an easy business; but that is out of the question.

    The whole band consequently encamped for several days upon this eminence, to construct new canoes.

    Another design for the dining-room of the same house and much easier to construct is also illustrated.

    There were no boats to be had nor could the time be taken to construct a raft of bamboo poles.

    But it is not necessary to construct the geometrical figure, as I will show presently.

    This road in Transylvania for which I had the contract was by no means easy to construct.

    Still less have we a right to take innocent facts and construct upon them a guilty hypothesis to suit our foregone conclusion.

    I'd like to know now when you found time to construct your theories of life and conduct.'

Word Origin & History of - construct

    Word Origin & History

    construct 1660s, from L. construct-, pp. stem of construere "to heap up" (see construction). The noun is recorded from 1871 in linguistics, 1890 in psychology, 1933 in the general sense of "anything constructed." Related: constructed (pp. adj., 1784); constructing (1788).

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