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Word Example of - constructed

    Example Sentences for constructed

    It is an edifice that seems to have been constructed for eternity.

    The village ten miles up-stream was constructed on the same plan.

    The vessel appears to have been constructed a long time ago.

    The spine of its neck was so constructed that it could describe a circle with its head.

    Rivers were often left bridgeless where bridges could easily have been constructed.

    The canoes were often large, and constructed with great labour and ingenuity.

    Mills for grinding flour and crushing grain have been constructed for the imperial service troops.

    Next, with his telegraph, he'd constructed the nerves of the world!

    And so, back in the colorful days of the building of the fast-growing West, young Isaac Burns constructed his warehouse.

    Sledges were constructed, upon which the canoes were placed, and dragged by the men over the ice of the river.

Word Origin & History of - constructed

    Word Origin & History

    construct 1660s, from L. construct-, pp. stem of construere "to heap up" (see construction). The noun is recorded from 1871 in linguistics, 1890 in psychology, 1933 in the general sense of "anything constructed." Related: constructed (pp. adj., 1784); constructing (1788).