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Word Example of - construe

    Example Sentences for construe

    Construe it how one might, there would be at least some awkwardness in accepting such hospitality.

    But in every case the early practice did not construe this to include the Territories.

    More I dare not here say; nor must I drop a hint which another eye than thine might be able to construe.

    Any attempt to construe the purposes of Deity must be liable to the same misapplication.

    And now—and now—will you love me less that you know a secret in my being which I have told to no other,—cannot construe to myself?

    But you must not, my dearest friend, construe common gratitude into love.

    You have a way of getting off with a jest, but I always feel that if I say a word, they'll construe it into a proposal.

    And even if he had, we must not construe any trifling peculiarity into madness.

    I trust that no one will construe this as an attack on the Industrial Workers of the World.

    The April sun seemed to stir in him a vague feeling that he could not construe.

Word Origin & History of - construe

    Word Origin & History

    construe mid-14c., from L.L. construere "to relate grammatically," in classical L. "to pile together" (see construction); also see construct, which is a later acquisition of the same word. Related: Construal (1960).

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