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The Synonym of - consul (noun)

Word Example of - consul

    Example Sentences for consul

    I see that you are trustworthy, and I do not mind telling you that the First Consul is of somewhat the same opinion.

    "The man is not so dead as he might be," replied the consul, laughing.

    She sat down, apparently cool and collected, but in the chair most distant from the First Consul.

    There is always some interpreter of one nation residing in another, when they are allies, and who acts as a kind of consul.

    And, generally, the advice of a consul is no justification of an illegal act.

    I got in correspondence with him through the Consul in Calcutta.

    Napoleon was created First Consul, and the Century went down upon the final preparations of the embittered rivals.

    Napoleon was thirty years of age, and was now First Consul of France.

    Next day we call on Mr. Nightingale who is at present acting as British Consul.

    The saloons of the First Consul were every evening crowded with guests.

Word Origin & History of - consul

    Word Origin & History

    consul late 14c., from L. consul "magistrate in ancient Rome," probably originally "one who consults the Senate," from consulere "to deliberate, take counsel" (see consultation). Modern sense began with use as appellation of various foreign officials and magistrates, "a representative chosen by a community of merchants living in a foreign country; an agent appointed by a government or ruler to represent the interests of its subjects and traders in a foreign place" (c.1600), an extended sense that developed 13c. in the Sp. form of the word.