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Word Example of - consummate

    Example Sentences for consummate

    He probably would imagine himself safe and so be in no haste to consummate his vile plan of enjoying his helpless victim.

    He appears to have been a most dexterous as well as consummate villain.

    A change in the state of society works this miracle, and a few generations suffice to consummate it.

    His manner was a mixture of calm audacity and consummate self-conceit.

    It appeared tremendously difficult to consummate; it had developed far beyond his expectation, his original conception.

    He was a consummate advocate, as well as a profound and accurate lawyer.

    It is told in a broad, stately measure, and with consummate simplicity and skill.

    The impudence of the countryman was so consummate that Dernor could not restrain a laugh at it.

    It was natural that these consummate warriors should despise such easily slaughtered victims.

    Consummate acting is that which makes the spectator forget that it is acting.

Word Origin & History of - consummate

    Word Origin & History

    consummate c.1430, from L. consummatus "perfected, complete," pp. of consummare (see consummation). Of persons, "accomplished, very qualified," from 1640s. Related: Consummately (1610s).

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