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Word Example of - consumption

    Example Sentences for consumption

    There wasn't enough to buy medicine for the girl, who was dying of consumption.

    Its milk is very good also, and of use to people in consumption.

    Consumption and pneumonia appeared, and assumed frightful aspects.

    All control of consumption will disappear when the emergency has passed.

    I mean the consumption at home, for of the foreign consumption I have spoken already.

    The settlers could only procure for their own consumption or the Indian market.

    The consumption of butter greatly reduced in consequence of its enormous price.

    No savant now denies the transmittable taint of insanity and consumption.

    The former demand was just, for all provisions, all articles of consumption have risen in price.

    In winter the rate of consumption is somewhat greater than that of production.

Word Origin & History of - consumption

    Word Origin & History

    consumption late 14c., from O.Fr. consomption, from L. consumptionem (nom. consumptio) "a using up, wasting," from consumptus, pp. of consumere (see consume). Earliest sense in English was of wasting disease, in which it replaced O.E. yfeladl "the evil disease." Meaning "the using up of material" is 1530s.

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