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Word Example of - container

    Example Sentences for container

    These should be washed thoroughly and packed into the container without being cut up.

    For centuries, writing was only a container for speech, not operational language.

    Emotionally, it sees it as a container and limiter of possibilities, a guarantee that the upshot shall be good.

    Tentatively he pulled at the container cover, it was as firm as if it had been welded on.

    The blood as it spurted from the vein would be collected in a container and measured.

    To brew, container and contents are dropped into a cup of hot water.

    He rolled over to a wall table and fumbled in a container among a pile of hypodermics.

    For that matter, the container itself was not adequate protection for him.

    Emotions kept constantly at the boiling-point must have an outlet, lest they burst their container.

    A loose cover is placed over the container, to keep out dust.

Word Origin & History of - container

    Word Origin & History of container

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