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The Synonym of - contemn (verb)

Word Example of - contemn

    Example Sentences for contemn

    The dregs and draffy part, disgrace and jealousie, I scorn thee; and contemn thee.Ru.

    I contemn the world when I think on it, and myself when I translate it.

    I had reason to contemn my own acquisitions; but were not those of Eliza still more slender?

    A religion,” said I, “in which you yourself do not believe, and which you contemn.

    And is it not strange, that God should teach men to contemn the power which he himself ordaineth?

    I have a husband who makes war upon me because I contemn his bed and board.

    I entreat you therefore, reader, do not contemn my work as something rude and barbarous.'

    Is it to see me contemn'd by the insolent pride of Atreides?

    She feared that she might have seemed to contemn Harry's vocation, and she hastened to make amends.

    It is for her to respect not to contemn her great coadjutor.

Word Origin & History of - contemn

    Word Origin & History

    contemn mid-15c., from O.Fr. contemner (15c.), from L. contemnere (see contempt).

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