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Word Example of - contemplation

    Example Sentences for contemplation

    For the first time the prisoner raised his eyes from contemplation of the floor.

    She was now to be amused with variety, and the prim was offered to her contemplation.

    The contemplation of her pleasure gave me what some would call the most unselfish delight.

    But Madeleine had few moments to spend in contemplation of the precious gift.

    A long vista of food-less days opened before her, and in their contemplation the weight in her heart grew very heavy indeed.

    Mr. Sagittarius did not disturb his contemplation of the inevitable.

    I am bound to admit that there is a certain amount of fascination to me in the contemplation of any such thing.

    She would spend her time in contemplation of him; she saw no one else when he was there.

    Indeed, the contemplation of the cheque she had drawn pleased her nearly as much as what the cheque had accomplished.

    And then it was that men chose these exquisite sites for contemplation.

Word Origin & History of - contemplation

    Word Origin & History

    contemplation early 13c., from O.Fr. contemplation, from L. contemplationem "act of looking at," from contemplari "to gaze attentively, observe," orig. "to mark out a space for observation" (as an augur does). From com- intensive prefix + templum "area for the taking of auguries" (see temple). Originally in Eng., "religious musing."

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