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Word Example of - contention

    Example Sentences for contention

    The contention that they were is more partisan than truly historical.

    But, weary of contention and anxious to agree with Beaujeu whenever he could, he reluctantly gave his consent.

    Let go quarrel and contention, nor embroil thyself in trouble and differences by being over-solicitous in thy own defence.

    Here Mr. Collins is wrong; that contention also has been put forward.

    If we look back to the period under consideration, we cannot but admit that there is much truth in the contention.

    The spirit of contention was promoted by the peculiar fabric of society.

    His characters would wage their wars, even when the bone of contention mattered as little as the handle of an old toothbrush.

    What a contention is going on far over seas at Boston, New England.

    Then came the great bone of contention, over which there had been such persistent wrangling—the India trade.

    The bone of contention at present is the physical value of prayer.

Word Origin & History of - contention

    Word Origin & History

    contention late 14c., from O.Fr. contention, from L. contentionem, from stem of contendere (see contend).

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