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Word Example of - contingency

    Example Sentences for contingency

    Deprived of her revolver, yet she had foreseen such a contingency, and had provided a last means of defense.

    Every preparation was therefore made for such a contingency.

    This overflow is provided against the contingency of a full reservoir and idle pumps.

    For a long time, I could not think of what was best to be done in such a contingency.

    He should have foreseen the contingency of a removal of these woods.

    Such a contingency was not improbable, neither would it be new.

    But on the contingency that she stops him, I promise you that amount.

    To prevent this contingency, Alexis resolved to give the jaguar his bullet.

    This world is contingency and absurdity incarnate, the oddest of possibilities masquerading momentarily as a fact.

    It was all nebulous and cloudy; a contingency to be shaped by circumstances as they might develop.

Word Origin & History of - contingency

    Word Origin & History

    contingency 1560s, "quality of being contingent," from contingent (q.v.). Meaning "a chance occurrence" is from 1610s.

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