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Word Example of - continual

    Example Sentences for continual

    If life is not a continual denial of the past, then it is nothing.

    What, in the face of continual and unrelenting changes, could have saved the Wickiup?

    When Doris was present, she kept them in a continual turmoil.

    There will be continual alarms and greatly added difficulties.

    There are continual jests about the contrast between this Ulsterman's austerity and the conviviality of Colonel Clancy.

    So copious an alphabet would have been a continual source of error.

    Stillicidi casus lapidem cavat (Continual dropping wears away a stone).

    Their main revenues are drawn from the continual drunkenness of the people.

    Certainly all psychical phenomena is a continual coming and going, a producing and being produced.

    The Queen's Majestie's ordinances for the continual charges.

Word Origin & History of - continual

    Word Origin & History

    continual mid-14c., continuell, from O.Fr. continuel (12c.), from L. continuus (see continue). That which is continual is that which is either always going on or recurs at short intervals and never comes to an end; that which is continuous is that in which there is no break between the beginning and the end. Related: Continually (c.1300, contynuelliche).