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Word Example of - continuous

    Example Sentences for continuous

    Pileus is smooth, continuous, somewhat viscid, margin incurved.

    A melancholy picture, and a continuous one;—hundreds of miles of it.

    Up to this time the Wilderness campaign had been a continuous fight and march.

    The sublime plan which La Salle thus proposed, could only be carried into execution by the continuous labors of many years.

    At Salisbury we drilled in mud and water that was at times waist deep, caused by the continuous rains and floods.

    He separated his wrists with a growing and continuous effort of every muscle.

    The columns behind expanded suddenly into a spray of mounted men forming a continuous line for over sixty miles.

    With a continuous travel the time would be about thirty-three hours.

    The seemly conduct of believers must be continuous, or it will fail of its effect.

    This was continuous with the ash bed, though apparently not a part of it.

Word Origin & History of - continuous

    Word Origin & History

    continuous 1670s, from L. continuus "uninterrupted, hanging together" (see continue). Related: Continuously (1670s).

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