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Word Example of - contraction

    Example Sentences for contraction

    This contraction is slower, and more durable and important in its results.

    With a contraction of heart he plunged himself into the conversation.

    Without it the world monetary system would have entered phases of contraction much more readily.

    And the closer they came, the greater the contraction of time aboard ship.

    This is done so that the cooling of the molten metal as it is added will draw the edges together by its contraction.

    If they only knew what a starman's life is like, with the Contraction and all!

    Here the sporangia are irregular in shape, owing to their contraction after ripeness and during fossilization.

    This is produced by the contraction of the blood-vessels upon the surface.

    Name a contraction of Sapo Indicus, Indian soap, having reference to the saponaceous character of the berries.

    In allusion to the contraction of debt and other liabilities.

Word Origin & History of - contraction

    Word Origin & History

    contraction c.1600, "action of making a contract" (especially of marriage), also "action of shrinking or shortening," from Fr. contraction (13c.), from L. contractionem, noun of action from contrahere (see contract). Meaning "action of acquiring (a disease) is from 1610. Grammatical sense is from 1706; meaning "a contracted word or words" is from 1755. Contractions of the uterus in labor of childbirth attested from 1962.

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