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Word Example of - contrary

    Example Sentences for contrary

    The top of this height, on the contrary, has scarce any wood.

    There should have been demonstration of the contrary too, before it had been believed.

    But, as Mrs. Pott truly says, this is 'contrary to all evidence.'

    "On the contrary, I think you owe it all to yourself," I replied.

    Contrary to the nature of women, she has no desire to please, and no coquetry.

    Experience of marriage has been partly pleasant and partly the contrary.

    Above reason, I say, but not contrary to reason, is the mighty power of steam.

    Not that he wished to die; on the contrary, there was a great deal that he wished to live to do.

    To define equality that which is contrary to inequality, is improper.

    However, the association was content; or at least it gave no sign to the contrary.

Word Origin & History of - contrary

    Word Origin & History

    contrary mid-14c., from Anglo-Fr. contrarie, from L. contrarius "opposite, opposed," from contra "against" (see contra)."If we take the statement All men are mortal, its contrary is Not all men are mortal, its converse is All mortal beings are men, & its opposite is No men are mortal. The contrary, however, does not exclude the opposite, but includes it as its most extreme form. Thus This is white has only one opposite, This is black, but many contraries, as This is not white, This is coloured, This is dirty, This is black; & whether the last form is called the contrary, or more emphatically the ...opposite, is usually indifferent. But to apply the opposite to a mere contrary (e.g. to I did not hit him in relation to I hit him, which has no opposite), or to the converse (e.g. to He hit me in relation to I hit him, to which it is neither contrary nor opposite), is a looseness that may easily result in misunderstanding; the temptation to go wrong is intelligible when it is remembered that with certain types of sentence (A exceeds B) the converse & the opposite are identical (B exceeds A)." [Fowler]Related: Contrarily (mid-16c.).