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Word Example of - contretemps

    Example Sentences for contretemps

    Then she asked me if she was right in supposing all these contretemps we had had were the doing of Lady Ver.

    He determined to take no notice of the contretemps, but return boldly to the attack.

    This contretemps put the rest of the party out of sorts, and they broke up.

    Not only was there no contretemps, but all went off well and pleasantly.

    Such a contretemps would, I reflected, mean for me ten years' confinement in a fortress.

    I will write all the pleasant things, but for the jokes—the contretemps, no!

    I'm sure you will never be friends with me after this contretemps.

    The success of the Bach cantata was injured by a contretemps.

    Really, it seemed as if this afternoon was to end as it had begun—in a contretemps.

    "Meg's awkwardness was the only contretemps," as Mrs. Russelthorpe said.

Word Origin & History of - contretemps

    Word Origin & History

    contretemps 1684, "a blunder in fencing," from Fr. contre-temps "motion out of time, unfortunate accident, bad times." As a ballet term, from 1706; as "an unfortunate accident," 1802; as "a dispute," from 1961.

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