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Word Example of - contrition

    Example Sentences for contrition

    “We came here with a feeling of contrition, yet not wholly ashamed,” he said.

    "I am not going, grannie," said the Prophet, overwhelmed with contrition.

    Instantly, he was all contrition over his unwitting offense inflicted on her womanly vanity.

    "Well, we won't say any more about it," said Matilda, softened by his contrition.

    O but if she would only accuse him—here—this instant, so that contrition might try its value!

    Would—would you like me to say an act of contrition for you?

    May I ask,” she said, with some contrition roused by his care of her, “where you are going?

    I say that attrition with confession is necessary: he believes that contrition is necessary.

    Make an act of contrition for having served Him so negligently.

    Contrition” denotes the grace in a more advanced stage of development.

Word Origin & History of - contrition

    Word Origin & History

    contrition c.1300, from O.Fr. contricium, from L. contritionem, noun of action from conterere (see contrite).

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