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Word Example of - contrive

    Example Sentences for contrive

    And the best way would be, to contrive some means of making her behaviour recoil upon her own head.

    How on earth did you contrive to make yourselves look so horrible?

    And when we learn better to enjoy ourselves, then do we unlearn best to give pain unto others, and to contrive pain.

    His arms were bound, and before he could do anything he must contrive to get them loose.

    What if, by some means or other, I contrive to get the jewel from the old woman?

    Good reasoning this; but how are we to contrive so to govern the imagination?

    I believe the lion-hearted king could contrive to get into rages sometimes.

    It was long enough, too, for Mrs. Byrne to "contrive a procedure."

    He could always manage to contrive some way by which to accomplish his ends, without being over-troubled with scruples.

    For I will contrive it so from the first that she shall not even perceive that she has been seen by thee.

Word Origin & History of - contrive

    Word Origin & History

    contrive early 14c., from O.Fr. controver "to find out, contrive, imagine," from V.L. contropare "to compare" (via a figure of speech), from L. com- "with" + tropus "song, musical mode," from Gk. tropos "figure of speech" (see trope). Sense evolution (in French) was from "invent with ingenuity" to "invent falsely." Related: Contrived (c.1400); contriving (early 14c.); contrivance (1620s).