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What is a better word for conventional? What's another word for conventional? What are 5 "conventional synonyms"? How can I replace the word conventional? What is the meaning of conventional in English?

Word Example of - conventional

    Example Sentences for conventional

    I remember very well your attitude to life, this conventional surface of it.

    Eulogies on the dead are, therefore, conventional falsehoods.

    It was a rough part of the City, still, those who lived there were conventional in their costume.

    That which is artistic is the highest form of conventional refinement.

    It began without any conventional formalities, and the very first words blanched a cheek already pale.

    He is a gentleman only in the conventional, false sense of that word.

    No school would take me; I have neither credentials nor conventional clothing.

    We have too tame and conventional a way of thinking about our career.

    To withdraw within my own individual limits has always seemed to me a strange, arbitrary, and conventional process.

    She accused me of misunderstanding Leila; she said my point of view was conventional!

Word Origin & History of - conventional

    Word Origin & History

    conventional 1580s, "of the nature of an agreement," from L. conventionalis "pertaining to convention or agreement," from conventionem (see convention). Meaning "of the nature of a convention" is from 1812, now rare; "established by social convention" is from 1761; that of "following tradition" is from 1831; that of "non-nuclear" is from 1955. Realted: Conventionally.