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Word Example of - conversion

    Example Sentences for conversion

    It is not conversion of evil men that must be aimed at, but their control.

    What mischief is often done by men prior to their conversion in their families!

    On a Sunday evening in August, subsequent to his conversion, he was awakened from his slumber by the ringing of the door-bell.

    He it was who sent Augustine to attempt the conversion of the English in the year 597.

    He was believed to be responsible for the Czar's conversion from liberal ideas to reactionary principles.

    I may say that I shall have to pay dearly for your—your eleventh hour conversion.

    He had, for thirty-two years, been brought up in the Church of England, but had found no conversion there.

    Conversion from nineteen centuries of error to the simple creed of their Founder.

    He had toiled hard for the conversion of Nick, in gratitude for the manner in which he had fought in defence of the females.

    His conversion had the most momentous consequences for Europe.

Word Origin & History of - conversion

    Word Origin & History

    conversion mid-14c., originally of religion, from Fr. conversion, from L. conversionem, from convertere (see convert). Of buildings, from 1921. Conversion disorder "hysteria" (attested from 1946 but said to have been coined by Freud) was in DSM-IV (1994).

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