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Word Example of - convertible

    Example Sentences for convertible

    Furthermore, matter and potentiality are convertible terms, therefore the primal Energy or Actuality must be immaterial.

    These sons all were disposable, convertible to some aim or end.

    There was but one kind of security to offer and that was convertible bonds.

    Performance of duty and observance of morality are convertible terms.

    Mind, individual method, originality (these are convertible terms) signify the quality of purposive or directed action.

    The whole is convertible, sometimes into arable, and sometimes pasture.

    I had once heard that disused railway-cars were convertible into sea-side cottages.

    I here assume that they may be used as convertible, for most purposes.

    That bill creates two sorts of bankruptcy—voluntary and involuntary—and, by a singular folly, makes them convertible!

    The tendency to collapse and the attraction of gravitation are convertible phrases.

Word Origin & History of - convertible

    Word Origin & History

    convertible late 14c., from Fr. convertible (13c.), from L.L. convertibilis, from convertere (see convert). The noun is recorded from 1610s; meaning "automobile with a removable top" is from 1916.

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