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Word Example of - convictions

    Example Sentences for convictions

    Such discussions may not be necessary to strengthen the convictions of the great body of loyal citizens.

    "He did not hide his convictions," Mashurina put in gloomily.

    The study of Spinoza (whose works he translated) gave form to his convictions concerning human life.

    At the age of twenty a man has a few prejudices but no convictions.

    There are other instances, however, where convictions have resulted from such momentary glimpses.

    I wish my convictions of the right were not quite so unchangeably settled.

    And they had the courage of their convictions—their previous convictions!

    “I believe you have your convictions now, at this moment,” she said quietly.

    Mr. Cox also showed the courage of his convictions many years before the war when he was in Congress.

    He was a brilliant and fiery campaigner where his convictions were enlisted.

Word Origin & History of - convictions

    Word Origin & History

    convictions "those ideas which one believes to be true," 1883, from pl. of conviction.

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