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Word Example of - convincing

    Example Sentences for convincing

    Franklin and Emerson maintained theirs with a convincing ease, an inspiring joy.

    The proofs already cited of Smith's immorality are convincing.

    Sometimes the language of expression of the human face is the most convincing thing in all the world.

    I had more sense than to contest with him, since there is no possibility of convincing an enthusiast.

    Punch ironically declared that the vicar's logic was as convincing as his Christian sympathy was admirable.

    There was a convincing air of truth in all he said, and she returned his flame with readiness.

    But he had the Hibernian smile, which is convincing, and the firm chanced to need a new man.

    The story was detailed and convincing, and Sam's suspicions were partly lulled.

    As regards T. mamillana, I may say that neither Gurlts descriptions nor his figures are convincing.

    "I am very sorry if you have suffered," she said, with convincing earnestness.

Word Origin & History of - convincing

    Word Origin & History

    convince 1530, "to overcome in argument," from L. convincere "to overcome decisively," from com- intensive prefix + vincere "to conquer" (see victor). Meaning "to firmly persuade" is from c.1600. Related: Convinced (pp. adj., 1680s); convincing (1610s); convincingly (1640s).

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