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Word Example of - cool

    Example Sentences for cool

    How sweet and pastoral are these cool resting-places in the heart of the Vosges!

    I was astonished to see how cool he was; but I think the whistle had a deceptive effect.

    It was easier to cool the helium bath of the brain if it only had to be lowered 175 degrees or so.

    In the cool shade of the swamp we lunched, and enjoyed ourselves to the utmost.

    After the thunderstorm the weather had grown cloudy and cool.

    "Peg" Langdon stopped at the white gate, and took off his hat to the cool air.

    His nerve was too cool, his courage too steady for him to feel any impulse to run.

    Let us lay the handful of snow on our fevered foreheads and cool our desires.

    How can I tell you the cool manner in which he inspected our domestic arrangements?

    Remove from the mold when cool and serve cold, with gelatine.

Word Origin & History of - cool

    Word Origin & History

    cool O.E. col, from P.Gmc. *koluz, from PIE base *gel- "cold, to freeze." The v. form kele (from O.E. colian) was used by Shakespeare, but has been assimilated with the adj. into the modern word. Applied since 1728 to large sums of money to give emphasis to amount. Meaning "calmly audacious" is from 1825. Slang use for "fashionable" is 1933, originally Black English, said to have been popularized in jazz circles by tenor saxophonist Lester Young. Related: Cooling (mid-14c.); coolly (1570s).

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