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Word Example of - coordination

    Example Sentences for coordination

    A method of coordination and cooperation of the Army and Navy and the principal aircraft builders is being perfected.

    The actual process of coordination is the supreme and eternal difficulty.

    All these constitute the integration aspect, which requires the element of coordination through tools and methods.

    But some activities are broad; they involve a coordination of many factors.

    On movement, the horse staggers and shows a want of coordination of all the muscles of its limbs.

    There is an unfortunate lack of coordination of religious agencies in Negro colleges.

    For Browne was scientific just up to the point where the examination of detail ends, and its coordination begins.

    During the indoctrination period you will do a very simple routine job in coordination with the cybernetics machines.

    And we'll add everything I know of coordination, synthesis, and perception.

    It used the new methods of determining reaction times, and testing the coordination of mind and body.

Word Origin & History of - coordination

    Word Origin & History

    coordination c.1600, "orderly combination," from L.L. coordinationem (nom. coordinatio), from L. coordinare "to set in order, arrange," from com- "together" + ordinatio "arrangement," from ordo "order." Meaning "action of setting in order" is from 1640s; that of "harmonious adjustment or action," esp, of muscles and bodily movements is from 1855.

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