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Word Example of - cop

    Example Sentences for cop

    "I'll make a charge of petty larceny and disorderly conduct," says the cop, layin' the evidence on the desk.

    He said bitterly to the cop at the door: "I bet they beat this rap!"

    And I don't like the stench of that kind of cop in my place.

    The burglar had the breath knocked out of him, and the 'cop' didn't.

    He only gave one "cop," but it was enough, and there was an end of Friar Robert.

    "The fellow's not right in the head," the fat man was saying to the cop.

    Besides, that cop said that he'd have them search the pawnshops.

    Brett moved suddenly, rammed stiff fingers into the cop's ribs.

    But a robot can't take the place of a cop, it's a complex human job.

    The difference is that it is the bible in the old man and the devil in the cop.

Word Origin & History of - cop

    Word Origin & History

    cop 1704, northern British dialect, "to seize, to catch," perhaps from M.Fr. caper "seize, to take," from L. capere "to take" (see capable); or from Du. kapen "to take," from O.Fris. capia "to buy."